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“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies but flexible brains.
What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.”

– Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sci., 1904-1984

Notes, Announcements, & Updates from Nick and TCF

New series of free streaming audio lessons, sourced directly from Moshe Feldenkrais

I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve made significant progress in my free audio project. This fall I set out to capture good recordings of my live classes with lessons I’ve sourced directly from Moshe’s 1972 classic Feldenkrais text Awareness Through Movement. As of now we’ve got five already available online, with a sixth currently in editing, coming early next week. Read more »

Exploring Moshe Feldenkrais's book "Awareness Through Movement"

ATM book cover

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I recently began teaching this five-week Feldenkrais-Fundamentals class. To share a rich resource with my students and inspire myself to dive back into a classic Feldenkrais text, I’m choosing all the lessons directly out of Moshe’s 1972 book titled Awareness Through Movement.

While it’s one of Moshe’s most accessible books, his dense scientific writing and broader musings about the social and anthropological implications of his discoveries can sometimes be a little hard to connect with. My intention here is to share one possible approach to making a practical course out of the book for members of the public, both for my current students in class and others who might be studying it. I’ll be highlighting sections I think are most important, but doubtless those of you who know the book well may have other ideas. Students and practitioners should feel free to leave comments below!
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Private studio currently full

Due to high demand for Functional Integration (FI) lessons, my one-to-one Feldenkrais practice is currently full. I do keep a waitlist, but I am unable to predict when spaces will open up. Please contact me if you’d like get on the waitlist.

Here are some other options for study, available right now!

  • You are welcome to come explore Feldenkrais in my ongoing year-round group Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes. As long as you can comfortably and safely get down to lie on a mat on the floor at the beginning of class and get back up again at the end, there are no other prerequisites, and you may drop-in to any class (here’s how). Newcomers are always welcome. Sign up for the mailing list (on the right) to know when new classes and one-day workshops are happening.
  • My online collection of free streaming audio recordings of ATM classes is growing, and it’s available right here. They’re introduced by information to get you oriented to the process of safely and effectively studying Feldenkrais at home on your own.
  • If you’d like a referral to another Feldenkrais Practitioner in the Twin Cities Metro, please contact me and I will help you connect to one.

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