About Maggie

Maggie Vogel-Martin joined Twin Cities Feldenkrais at the St. Paul JCC starting in the summer of 2016, teaching the Thursday night 6:00 PM weekly year-round Awareness Through Movement class. 

Maggie Vogel-Martin

Maggie first experienced the Feldenkrais Method when a friend recommend the method as an alternative to back surgery for her chronic back pain. She is glad she said “yes” to that recommendation! After three Functional Integration lessons, Maggie felt so much better, she was inspired to learn the method and offer it to others!

Maggie’s background in Engineering (M.S.) and Mathematics (B.S.) is similar to Moshe Feldenkrais’s education and this helped her to feel a connection with the method. It’s important to her that the method has a foundation in science and that it produces consistent, reproducible results and measureable improvement.

Maggie is a 2013 graduate of the New York Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program and has taught Awareness Through Movement classes in the Twin Cities since 2011. Maggie and Nick Strauss-Klein studied with many of the same teachers in New York City and share a very similar teaching philosophy.