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Nick and TCF were featured in Experience Life magazine, April 2017
Read about Feldenkrais for chronic pain in the New York Times , Oct. 30, 2017

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“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies but flexible brains.
What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.”

– Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sci., 1904-1984

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I’m taking a “sabbatical” from workshops for the rest of 2018 while big changes are underway at this website! I look forward to returning to regular workshops in early 2019. In the meantime, click here to enjoy my first complete recording of a live workshop, free online (100% donation-supported!) -Nick

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Called Functional Integration (FI) lessons, these sessions are available with Nick by appointment.

Summer 2018 update: My FI studio is currently full, but click here for a list of many other study options (classes, at-home, and other practitioners).

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Notes, Announcements, & Updates from Nick and TCF

First full workshop recording added: Driving and Dynamic Sitting Workshop

I am so pleased to publish the complete audio from my 2018 Driving and Dynamic Sitting Workshop. Full workshop recordings are the number one request I get from online listeners, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Follow the link and you’ll find not only the workshop’s two ATM lessons, but also two brief talks, and some accompanying handouts from the workshop and written material that participants received by email after the workshop, for further study at home.

Enjoy, spread the word, and please consider donating to help cover production costs if you have the means and you share my goal of spreading the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible!

A note for donors to my online lessons project

Thank you so much for your financial support for my work! Thanks to you we’ve got an incredible amount of monthly listeners. I love hearing from people all over the world who are benefitting my lessons, and I love making them for you.

Your donations make it possible to get this project out into the world, and that helps so many more people enjoy Feldenkrais study!

I recently discovered that PayPal is no longer automatically emailing me about each donation I receive. I am sorry to say this has been going on for a few months and I am perhaps very late in acknowledging your support individually. I’ll be looking through the records and reaching out ASAP to say THANK YOU and give you access to the MP3s. Please let me know if you’re looking for that access right now!

If you haven’t donated but you value the lessons, please consider supporting the project. There is no other funding source for this work besides every individual who values it and decides to give something back!

Enjoy the lessons and please spread the word. More people doing more Feldenkrais equals a better world for all of us. Thanks again, and happy studies!


Notes from Feldenkrais for Chronic Pain workshop

Below you’ll find a much more legible and expanded text version of this whiteboard photo from Tuesday’s Chronic Pain workshop.

Whiteboard photo

The number one question I get from website visitors is “Can you publish workshops as part of the free audio project?” I haven’t done much of this because the lessons I teach in my workshops are often not designed as standalone learning contexts. There’s usually some other lecture, discussion, or media content. This week I found myself using a whiteboard for the first time in about a decade (and my handwriting shows it, as you can see!).

I enjoy repackaging my thinking and presentation of Feldenkrais depending on the people present and the context, and I laid out some of our basics in a new way for people interested particularly in how Feldenkrais addresses chronic pain. I thought readers might enjoy my current take on an important topic.

It’s top level stuff, without a lot of discussion, so feel free to comment publicly below or contact me with questions. I’ll reply either way.



Notes and Principles for Feldenkrais for Chronic Pain workshop:


CURIOSITY, at the center of the photo above, was our “word of the day” (not pain or Feldenkrais).  Notice how each of these four categories below relate to curiosity, and to each other. Read more »

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