Welcome to the new TCF website!


I am so pleased to be relaunching TwinCitiesFeldenkrais.com! You’ll find a more modern design and information flow, but with no lack of detail if you dig in.

In fact I’ve added a lot of usable information. I am particularly happy to finally offer a deep Resources page. Without fail, students who engage in the Feldenkrais learning process outside of lessons and classes improve more rapidly, and with more satisfaction and independence. So I’ve created, gathered, and linked a lot of information to assist your learning: printable study guides, an FAQ and links that answer common questions, several brief videos (three minutes of Baby Liv is perhaps the easiest way to understand Feldenkrais), and recommended products for home study.

Have a look around, sign up for the mailing list, and please help spread the word through the Facebook!

I am very grateful to Aaron Hodge Silver (Springthistle Design) for doing the heavy lifting for this website, and all his advice!