Welcoming Beth Hartman to teach Thursday evening ATM classes at the St. Paul JCC

Beth pic cropped
Beth Hartman

I am happy to share the news that I am bringing on another practitioner to be part of the Twin Cities Feldenkrais program at the St. Paul JCC! I’ve asked my colleague and friend Beth Hartman to begin teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes most Thursday evenings at 5:45 PM, year-round at the St. Paul JCC, starting with the beginning of the Spring 1 session on May 1st. She’s excited to join the program! I will continue teaching Tuesday mornings at 9:30.

Beth and I are working together closely to coordinate themes of study between the two sections of the class, so that students can continue to enjoy seamless cross-attendance between Tuesdays and Thursdays (to make up missed classes or for further study). Flexible attendance has been a big asset to the program at the JCC, and there will be no change in the policy as Beth takes my place on Thursdays.

I’ll be giving a little of the extra time back to my young family, and I’m also looking to begin teaching Twin Cities Feldenkrais ATM classes and workshops in other venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul later this year.

Beth actually founded Feldenkrais classes at the St. Paul JCC over five years ago, and then left for graduate school at the same time my family and I arrived in the Twin Cities. I am very grateful for her work introducing Feldenkrais to the community, and I am glad to now have the opportunity teach alongside her!