Almost there!

We’re finishing up our last technical improvements and layout changes. I’ve just uploaded two more new lessons, plus an awesome improved teaching of one my favorites (an always-important breathing lesson).

I’m becoming a decent amateur user of Audacity, and getting good at editing out unnecessary parts of the lesson recordings, like asides to individual students that don’t have wider benefits.

That’s my lovely wife’s voice providing the bumper for most of the lessons (and the rest in the next day or so)!

I’ve enabled comments for the lessons, so you can leave comments and discussion about lessons with only your first name displayed (and your email address isn’t shared with me).

Hoping to broadly publicize this resource very soon! I’m proud of how it’s all turning out and I’m getting great feedback about people using and valuing these lessons!

ENORMOUS THANKS to all those who have already donated!!! The hours and technical challenges have been long and difficult so far, but it’s all getting easier, and your support feels great and really makes a difference!

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