Free ATM Audio Project Launch Day!

I’m so pleased to announce that my free ATM audio project is finally fully launched! This is the public launch of a project begun years ago, to meet requests from my ATM class students for recordings of classes. Some of the recordings date back to 2012, and the web design work began about a year ago. About a hundred hours of work in the last four months have led to fresh recordings of lessons I felt should be improved on (I’m really pleased with them now!), and discovering and surmounting a surprising number of technical hurdles, to get to the point where we’ve got the web design and audio tech working as well as it is today.

I’ve organized many of the recorded ATM lessons into a web course called Integrating the Legs for Standing, Walking, and Running. There are also other ATMs available.

You can find them all at my main audio portal: click here!

All the lessons are free! Please try them out, and if you find them valuable, consider a donation to support the project.

Here’s a little more info from my press release to the Feldenkrais Practitioner community regarding the Integrating the Legs set, if you’re curious about the details:

​The seven lessons have been carefully ​prepared and ​​edited to create a valuable home study resource for students and practitioners. The course ​includes written introductory and follow-up material​. Each lesson has a brief description, notes ​including adaptations and sources, and moderated comments ​to promote​ discussion​​.

​During the lessons I provide ​some commentary, both to orient newcomers ​and to guide experienced students​ and practitioners toward deeper insight​ into the self. I’ve been getting great feedback from colleagues and from my FI and ATM students who are ​already ​using the set as “homework​.” ​Even strangers​ who found the lessons on the web–some brand new to Feldenkrais!–have responded enthusiastically.

Each lesson is a unique page on my website so the ATM is easy to study​,​ share, and discuss.​ Putting a smartphone, tablet, or laptop on the floor next to you works really well for doing the lessons.​

Instead​ of​ ​selling my ATMs, I’m using free digital distribution, and requesting donations. It’s a fascinating model​ ​that is popular in other fields now​. ​My goal is to share accessible, high quality ATM lessons ​as widely as possible with no paywall barrier to entry, especially in the wake of the wonderful ​recent ​exposure we’ve had through the new Doidge book.

I’ve enjoyed almost every step of bringing this project to fruition, but wow was it a lot of work! It’s made me a better teacher, and taught me a lot more about ATM (it’s humbling but useful to listen to yourself teach!), plus I’ve got some new amatuer audio engineering and website design skills. It should be easy now for me to continue adding recordings of classes.

I’m grateful to all the inspiration, nudges, and feedback I’ve gotten from students, friends, and colleagues, and especially to the donors who have supported my work on this project. Thank you all!

I hope you enjoy the lessons, and​ please help me spread the word about the free ATM project with friends, family, ​and Feldenkrais students and practitioner​s at this webpage!


— Nick

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