A “thank you” lesson: The Ultimate Self-hug

It’s cold but beautiful here in Minnesota! A great time for a classic Feldenkrais lesson configuration, the self-hug.

I’m bowled over by the kind words and support I’ve received from all over the world in the nine months since I launched my free streaming audio lesson project. I look forward to sharing some of your comments and emails in my next post, but today I just want to say THANK YOU and send you a hug, (almost) literally! I love what I get to do for a living teaching and studying the Feldenkrais Method, and thanks to your support I can continue sharing free Feldenkrais lessons through today’s excellent web tech.

I’ve added a dozen lessons since launch last May, ahead of my initial goal of posting one high quality, edited, annotated, live-recorded Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson per month. Click here to stream The Ultimate Self-hug right now. Just like all my streaming audio lessons, there’s no cost, no downloading, no trouble with technology. There’s even notes to help you personalize your home study experience. You can simply lie down on the floor and put your smartphone, tablet, or laptop next to you and press play for an instant Feldenkrais lesson.

Enjoy your hug, and thank you! Please spread the word about my free lessons, and please consider supporting this ongoing project with a donation (here’s why).

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