[edited] New lesson: Reaching, Rolling, and Ribs. Series 2 complete?

I’m ready to call Series 2: Freeing the Spine, Chest, Shoulders, and Ribs complete, though I may still tinker!

I’ve recently added The Ultimate* Self-Hug; Softening the Ribs; Reaching, Rolling, and Ribs [this lesson has since been moved from Series 2 to Other ATM Recordings]; and Coordination of the Flexor Muscles and of the Extensors (borrowed from Series 3; I added it because it puts a nice grounded cap on the first half of series 2 while also introducing ideas used in the last two lessons).

I moved Flexion, Foundation, and Length; and Periscope 2 to the Other ATM Recordings collection.

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  • Maria Noel Erosa
    September 8, 2017 2:17 pm

    Hello Nick, I cannot find Reaching rolling and ribs. It is a bedutiful lesson.

    • Nick Strauss-Klein
      September 11, 2017 10:30 am

      Sorry about that, and thanks for your interest! I’ve restored the lesson, which you can now find in the Other ATMs collection, or by clicking the link above.

      I’m really glad you wrote. I had just last week quietly taken this one down as I was exploring through some of my old material. My current sensibilities told me it was too chatty, too active and descriptive, and with not enough time for reflection and finding your own way. I’ve made a note about this in the lesson notes, but your comment is a reminder that everyone’s lesson preferences are very personal!


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