Year-end update and spring workshop preview


I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and audio project for a while, and as I look back at 2016 I realize I haven’t shared with you why, so it’s time for a quick update. One reason I haven’t been doing a lot of web work recently is that my family and I are enjoying a new baby, our fourth child, Eve! Another was a tragic illness and death in my family of origin, which has taken a toll on all of us as well as added the blessing of lots of extra family visits.

A third reason is that Twin Cities Feldenkrais has been really, really busy! I’ve been blessed with many curious, inspiring students in my private practice, weekly classes, and monthly workshops all fall. I’m also receiving comments, emails, and donations from all over the world as more and more remote students explore my free streaming audio lessons.

I’d like to just say thank you to all of you who make my work possible. Feldenkrais is a gift in my life and I’m thankful every day that I get to do what I do for a living!

To my students: as the years go by it feels more and more apt to simply say that what we actually do together is explore being human, and it’s such an enjoyable, nourishing process. I am always deeply grateful for the opportunity to teach and study with you.

In related news, because of ongoing donation support for my free streaming audio project, I’m planning to get back to producing new recorded classes in early 2017. Stay tuned, please keep spreading the word, and thank you for your donations, which really do make this project possible.

Finally, this fall workshops at The Marsh (my newer Twin Cities venue) have really hit their stride, with lots of interest and excitement about Feldenkrais. Because of this we’ve scheduled four more for the spring. Links are on the home page (and I’ll add descriptions soon), but here are the dates and topics to jot down, for you Twin Cities local folks:

  • February 13: Free Your Hips
  • March 13: Fundamentals of a Healthy Back
  • April 17: Reduce Stress and Get Grounded
  • May 15: Dynamic Posture

But that’s spring…far off and nice to think about because it’s bitter cold in Minnesota now. This is the period of the year where Minnesotans cuddle up close and find cozy indoor activities. In a month or so we’ll have found our thick winter skins and we’ll venture outside more! My family and I have been playing board games in front of the fireplace and passing the baby from lap to lap. I can also say that doing a Feldenkrais ATM lesson on the floor in front of a fire is an exquisite experience that I highly recommend!

I hope the upcoming holidays are warm, cozy and restful for you, and include quiet restorative times, as well as much love and fun shared with family and friends.

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2017!


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