Back to recording! New hips lesson added.

After a busy and challenging period of life (and too long a hiatus from recording and publishing new free streaming audio lessons) I am thrilled to be studying and recording Awareness Through Movement again!

The new lesson is called Agile Hips, Knees, and Feet and I hope you’ll try it. I’m very pleased with how it came out, and how effective and unusual a lesson it is, at least to my personal ATM practice. I’m getting a lot out of it, which seems to happen every time I study my hip joints in depth, and I bet you’ll like it too.

I was just speaking today with a student who was there in the class for this recording. She mentioned that she experienced some very new and very pleasant sensations with this work, and I was able to honestly say I had the same reaction — it felt like truly uncharted territory for me, which is getting a little more unusual after 16 years of Feldenkrais study. I’ve been sitting and walking with a new freedom since I’ve been studying this lesson the last few weeks.

For Feldenkrais Practitioners or anyone curious, a while back I bought Moshe Feldenkrais’s 1972 recording and notes from his amazing Esalen workshop and I’m so excited to be studying with him “directly” again. He is himself extremely direct, challenging, and uncompromising about his expectations of our capacity to learn and improve.

This is the first recording I’ve produced using Esalen as source material. My plan right now is to continue digesting these wonderful lessons and arranging them for the public, recording and publishing as often as I can!

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