Hips! Two new free lessons added

I recently taught a workshop I called Free Your Hips. As I prepared, I studied several rather sophisticated hips-related Awareness Through Movement lessons taught by Moshe Feldenkrais (recorded at Esalen in the USA and Alexander Yanai in Israel). I found it really inspiring to again spend time studying directly “with” Moshe, and I’ve been working hard to find ways to make his valuable, challenging lessons accessible to the public.

A few weeks back I recorded and published the first one, Agile Hips, Knees, and Feet (Feldies, it’s based on Esalen #5): Back-lying, knees bent, feet standing, exploring connections between the joints of the legs, and clarifying their relationship with the abdominal muscles, pelvis, back, breath, and head. Improving leg function by developing some movements into rapid action.

Today I’m happy to share another with you, which I’m calling More Precise Hips and Spine (based on AY #241, “Getting to know the hip joints”): Back-lying, knees bent, with a floor-seated frame at the beginning and end. Preparing for and clarifying an important primary relationship in the body: arching the spine while flexing the hips.

Please enjoy! If you like these lessons, kindly spread the word and please donate to support this public service project! Each lesson takes hours of work to bring to you. I love doing this and I feel passionately about sharing the benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible.

But I need your help to make it possible! You can read my Why Donate? page for more info, and to make a donation securely through PayPal.

Thank you!

– Nick

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