Feldenkrais basic training: new lesson added

Photo © International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

This week, just in time for the second anniversary of my free streaming audio ATM project, I finally captured a good recording of a basic lesson I’ve been trying to record for a long time: I’m excited to finally publish a lesson that I’ve been trying to capture for a while! It’s a loving, image-rich presentation of a Feldenkrais “basic training” lesson: side-lying, relating shoulder and hip movements. Lots of very fine proximal movements, eventually expanding toward more distal explorations like the photo. It was a magical morning in my weekly class. We had a very full house and we were meeting in a beautiful alternate location — a library with lovely natural light — due to construction near our usual studio.

I’m calling my version Clarifying Shoulders and Hips (click to listen now). Feldies will recognize it as a familiar ATM that I’ve built out a bit toward a more explicit exploration of the self-image than usual with this basic lesson. I’m pleased with the gently introduced variations toward larger, more distal movements. This lesson is often taught entirely with movements so small as to be disorienting for newcomers — just the people we don’t want to turn off since this lesson is so important for them.

I’m hoping to record one or two lessons soon heading directly into circling the arms, and possibly both arms.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share the word or consider a donation!

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