ATM class drop-in and newcomer guide

This page has practical information about the schedule, venue, and what to bring to Twin Cities Feldenkrais weekly public classes. Click here if you were looking for how to do an ATM class.

Two weekly Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes are ongoing year-round at the St. Paul JCC: 9:30-10:30 AM on Tuesdays (with Nick, childcare available), and 6:00-7:00 PM on Thursdays (with Maggie). The classes reregister each month. Flexible attendance between the Tuesday and Thursday class is encouraged when you miss a class (see below). For a slightly higher per-class fee you are welcome to attend any class as a drop-in student at any time. Classes meet almost every week. Check the schedule here or call the JCC at 651-698-0751 to confirm it’s not a rare week off, or to register for a session.

The St. Paul JCC is located at 1375 St. Paul Avenue, St. Paul MN 55116. Arrive 15 minutes early the first time you come, and please bring ID. Low-fee childcare is available during the Tuesday 9:30 AM class. Call ahead to register your child: 651-698-0751.

Stop at the JCC’s main desk (front hallway, after the welcome desk, at the top of the ramp) to purchase a ticket for a Specialty Class, and please give the instructor the ticket before class. These drop-in tickets are $20/class for non-members, and $15 for JCC members. On the first class meeting of a month you may also convert a drop-in ticket toward payment for the whole month after you try out class, at the main desk after class.

Ask for someone to help you get to Studio 2 the first time – it’s confusing!

Mats will be provided, but please bring a bath towel to fold for head support. Please don’t substitute a sweatshirt or similar item, since we often need a level surface to roll on. If you forget, towels are available at the JCC’s pro-shop for $0.75, or you may purchase a towel punch card: 24/$10 currently.

Wear soft clothes (workout attire is not necessary) and dress in layers (the room’s temperature can vary).

Please bring your ID each week. Sadly, security must be a priority for any Jewish institution. You’ll show your ID at the welcome desk to get into the building.

Flexible attendance policy: If you do choose to register for the month, the JCC offers great flexibility about missed classes. Any lessons you miss during the month may be made up in the other ongoing section during that month, and you can even make up an anticipated later absence. For example, if you sign up for the Tuesday class but have to miss two Tuesdays, you may attend any two Thursday classes any time during the current session to make them up, and vice versa. Each class is a unique ATM lesson, so you won’t be repeating a lesson while attending twice in one week to make up missed classes.

SPJCC_BlackThe Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area is an inclusive environment. Membership and guests of the JCC are as diverse as the wider community. Here’s the mission statement: “We strengthen the Greater St. Paul community by nurturing physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual growth in an inclusive environment defined by Jewish values and culture.”

The JCC includes full fitness center, gym, pool, and childcare facilities. Membership is open to all, and special discounts are available with some health insurance companies, and often for seniors. Regular exercise classes in many modalities are free with membership. Specialty classes like Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement are an additional fee, but JCC members receive a discount. Call 651-698-0751 for more information about membership.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Nick Strauss-Klein and Maggie Vogel-Martin, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners(cm)

Nick is the Director of the Twin Cities Feldenkrais program at the St. Paul JCC