About Beth

Beth taught the Thursday night ATM class at the St. Paul JCC for over a year and continues on now as a substitute for classes Nick or Maggie have to miss.

Beth pic croppedBeth Hartman first experienced the Feldenkrais Method in 1999 when she was a vocal performance major at the College of St. Benedict. She was hooked from the start. Following graduation from St. Ben’s in 2001, Beth moved to the Twin Cities and continued to seek out Feldenkrais, attending weekly Awareness Through Movement classes and regular Functional Integration sessions with practitioner Gwendolyn Schwinke. Shortly thereafter, Beth decided to become a practitioner herself.

While completing her master’s degree in musicology at the University of Minnesota, she spent four summers in Santa Rosa, California as a student in the Sonoma II Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. During her training she worked closely with Russell and Linda Delman, assistant trainer Kathy James, and several visiting instructors, including Dennis Leary and Julie Peck. She graduated from Sonoma II in 2007 and taught Feldenkrais in the Twin Cities before moving to the Chicago area in 2009 to pursue a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology (degree still in progress). In addition to her music, academic, and Feldenkrais careers, Beth is also a semi-professional dancer, and she credits the Feldenkrais Method with allowing her to move throughout her life, and from one endeavor to the next, with grace, ease, and enjoyment.

Beth recently moved back to the Twin Cities, and she is thrilled to be able to share her skills as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with Minnesotans once again!