Halfway done recording Moshe’s lessons from his ATM book

Just got another classic ATM lesson recorded and available for streaming. I’m halfway through my project of recording versions of all 12 of Moshe Feldenkrais’s ATMs from his 1972 text Awareness Through Movement. Progress will slow down now since I’m just about through the lessons that are most conducive to public teaching (my preferred recording setting). But I hope to carry on recording these as opportunities and creativity present themselves!

Here’s the new lesson, The Carriage of the Head Affects the State of the Musculature.

And you can read about studying this text here.

New series of free streaming audio lessons, sourced directly from Moshe Feldenkrais

I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve made significant progress in my free audio project. This fall I set out to capture good recordings of my live classes with lessons I’ve sourced directly from Moshe’s 1972 classic Feldenkrais text Awareness Through Movement. As of now we’ve got five already available online, with a sixth currently in editing, coming early next week. (more…)

Three new lessons, more on the way

After a bit of a hiatus since the summer’s additions, I’ve added three new streaming ATMs in the last week! It’s been fun to prepare, explore, and edit these primary Feldenkrais lessons during a whole fall of Feldenkrais Fundamentals study in my public classes. Feldies will recognize two of these as sourced directly from Moshe’s 1972 book Awareness Through MovementMore to come soon as long as the recordings turn out well!

Organized a “beta” Series 2 of lessons

I’ve been meaning to assemble a good curriculum of my free streaming audio lessons for improving the comfort and organization of the torso. With a few recent recordings we’ve got something good now in “live beta” form. It’s all put together, just head over to the Series 2 page. Please dive in and let me know if you have any feedback. I’m spending time with these lessons again to confirm the series has the lessons and order I’d like to keep!