Raw audio from an important lesson

For several years now I’ve been trying to get a good audio recording of a really basic, important Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. I always record my lessons live in class, so when I’m not satisfied enough with how it turned out to publish the recording, I can’t just repeat the lesson the next week because I like to offer my class a variety of ATMs.

So every now and then when the time is right I teach a lesson I’m calling (for the moment at least) “Simple Hips and Shoulders.” (more…)

Back to recording! New hips lesson added.

After a busy and challenging period of life (and too long a hiatus from recording and publishing new free streaming audio lessons) I am thrilled to be studying and recording Awareness Through Movement again!

The new lesson is called Agile Hips, Knees, and Feet and I hope you’ll try it. I’m very pleased with how it came out, and how effective and unusual a lesson it is, at least to my personal ATM practice. (more…)

Website security restored

My web developer has just finished clearing out a substantial amount of hacked files, and we are taking significant steps to increase site security. Sorry if you’ve ever had trouble on this site or found something unpleasant! It is safe now, and PayPal donations always were and always will be safe because they take place through PayPal.com, not this website. Enjoy your studies, and thanks for your patience. -Nick

Year-end update and spring workshop preview


I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and audio project for a while, and as I look back at 2016 I realize I haven’t shared with you why, so it’s time for a quick update. One reason I haven’t been doing a lot of web work recently is that my family and I are enjoying a new baby, our fourth child, Eve! Another was a tragic illness and death in my family of origin, which has taken a toll on all of us as well as added the blessing of lots of extra family visits.

A third reason is that Twin Cities Feldenkrais has been really, really busy! I’ve been blessed with many curious, inspiring students in my private practice, weekly classes, and monthly workshops all fall. I’m also receiving comments, emails, and donations from all over the world as more and more remote students explore my free streaming audio lessons. (more…)

Fall Workshop Preview

Marsh Fall 2016 copy[Updated 8/30/16 with link to pdf flier. Please share!]

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be returning to giving workshops this fall with regular monthly evening events at The Marsh. See below for a list and links to detailed descriptions of each event, or click here to view a flier with all the workshops (and please print and share!) (more…)

What is Functional Integration? A student responds to a lesson

The Feldenkrais Method, as a holistic approach to improving human learning and wellness, can have interesting and sometimes unexpected effects as lessons influence the entire nervous system (read: the entire person!). This is one of the reasons practitioners resist the label “bodywork” for Feldenkrais. You can read my description of Functional Integration (FI), our hands-on, one-to-one modality right here. But today I invite you to read about it in a student’s own words, in the form of a response from a student shortly after an FI lesson. (more…)

New baby at home!


We’ve got a wonderful healthy baby and mom at home, and three adoring older siblings! We’re so proud and so blessed, and wanted to share with you! I’m slowly returning to working more fully, though TCF’s new streaming audio lessons and updates will be a little slower through the summer….

Our fourth child, Eve Elizabeth, was born May 3rd (Jen’s birthday!), 8:54 PM, 7 lbs 8 oz, 19 inches, a vigorous baby and a great nurser. Jen was amazing and is feeling pretty good, all things considered. We are so blessed with a healthy mom and baby, and loving, curious siblings for this little girl.


Should You “Move Your DNA” in Virtual Reality?


Facebook’s Oculus Rift

I want virtual reality to be healthy to use and useful for the world, but I’m skeptical.

Today is launch day for the first premium consumer electronic virtual reality device, the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift. The New York Times and Los Angeles Times have already weighed in this morning. In this “year of virtual reality” I’ve got plans to follow this new consumer tech industry closely, explore virtual reality myself, and report back to you. As a Feldenkrais practitioner and paleo/primal movement enthusiast, I think I’ll make a pretty unique guinea pig for virtual reality. If I lost you with any (or perhaps most) of the nouns in that sentence, let me explain.

There’s a unique cultural tension brewing right now, and I’m not talking about politics. On one side we have a rapidly growing movement in the alternative health and wellness community toward a paleo/primal view of human improvement. Wellness professionals, backed up by more and more scientific studies, are claiming that living our lives more in accordance with how we evolved serves our health in a myriad of ways. Here’s the short version as I see it: we’re finally noticing that while modern history has created the reality we live in (let’s be broad and say the last 10,000 years), our evolution over millions of years created a species that is, through our very DNA, best adapted to prehistoric reality. Increasingly dieticians and movement professionals (myself included) would like to see us behave a bit more like…well, cavemen.

A “thank you” lesson: The Ultimate Self-hug


It’s cold but beautiful here in Minnesota! A great time for a classic Feldenkrais lesson configuration, the self-hug.

I’m bowled over by the kind words and support I’ve received from all over the world in the nine months since I launched my free streaming audio lesson project. I look forward to sharing some of your comments and emails in my next post, but today I just want to say THANK YOU and send you a hug, (almost) literally! I love what I get to do for a living teaching and studying the Feldenkrais Method, and thanks to your support I can continue sharing free Feldenkrais lessons through today’s excellent web tech.

I’ve added a dozen lessons since launch last May, ahead of my initial goal of posting one high quality, edited, annotated, live-recorded Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson per month. Click here to stream The Ultimate Self-hug right now. Just like all my streaming audio lessons, there’s no cost, no downloading, no trouble with technology. There’s even notes to help you personalize your home study experience. You can simply lie down on the floor and put your smartphone, tablet, or laptop next to you and press play for an instant Feldenkrais lesson.

Enjoy your hug, and thank you! Please spread the word about my free lessons, and please consider supporting this ongoing project with a donation (here’s why).