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Dozens of Feldenkrais ATM lessons, recorded live in Nick’s classes, are here!

A 100% donor-supported project bringing the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study to all, without paywall or password.

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To maximize your learning and improvement – and for your safety and comfort – it’s essential that you read these guidelines before beginning: Studying ATM at Home

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ATM Series 1: Integrating the Legs for Standing, Walking, and Running
A course of related lessons about the basics of human uprightness.

ATM Series 2: Freeing the Spine, Chest, Shoulders, and Neck
Reduce pain and improve comfort, flexibility, and more!

ATM Series 3: Lessons from Moshe Feldenkrais’s 1972 book titled “Awareness Through Movement”
Lessons taught directly from Moshe’s book, for more experienced Feldenkrais students, trainees, and practitioners.

ATM Series 4: Your Resourceful Torso and Lovely Limbs
Discover the remarkable connection between the comfort and effectiveness of your limbs and the organization of your torso!

Other ATM recordings
A collection of lessons on different topics. Titles and descriptions help you choose.

If you’re new to ATM, lesson 1 in Series 1 is a great place to start.

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After years of doing these Awareness Through Movement lessons myself and teaching them to hundreds of students, I started recording and uploading them as a personal passion project. Sharing the life-changing benefits of the Feldenkrais Method as widely as possible is my goal. By offering them without cost, there’s no paywall for students who may not be able to afford Feldenkrais classes or one-to-one lessons. And these lessons are always available, whenever you need some help attending to yourself and rediscovering your own process of improvement.

This project is entirely donation supported. Please make a donation (below) to help me continue producing these audio recordings to benefit you and others! In addition to my time preparing, teaching, and editing recorded lessons, I pay an audio technician and web designer to get them to you in good quality.

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