Other ATM Recordings

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) audio lessons. Scroll down and click on a lesson title to go to its audio player and lesson notes.

This is not an ordered series, but rather a collection of lessons on different topics, so jump in anywhere. Descriptions of each lesson give you a sense of its aim, though everyone’s learning process is unique and you may find other benefits.

Summer 2018 update: The Hip Joints: Moving Proximal Around Distal has been moved to Series 4.

Summer 2017 update: can’t find a lesson that used to be below? A bunch of these just got organized into my brand new Series 4: Your Resourceful Torso and Lengthy Lovely Limbs. Click over there to find them!

1. Rolling with Length »

Front-lying, and back-lying, one knee standing, rolling to the side and front over a long, spacious, breathing side, and back again, with plenty of room to improvise.

2. Flexion, Foundation, and Length »

Lying on the back, holding the head and knees in different combinations, improving the forward folding of the body through building awareness of the use of the ground (foundation) and aspects of lengthening. Relating the ankles, lower back, and head.

3. Periscope 2 »

Side-lying, using the arm like a periscope to improve the use of the shoulder, and learn about and integrate the function of the whole shoulder structure with the neck, chest, spine, pelvis, and legs. A more distal (more focused on the arms, shoulders, and eyes) exploration than The Periscope (which is more proximal, focused on reorganizing the chest and spine).

4. Reaching, Rolling, and Ribs »

[Legacy lesson from spring 2015, removed from Series 2 in Sept. 2017] Back-lying, side-lying, and learning to transition between the two efficiently and comfortably. What happens when we reach so far we can't help but change orientation?

5. Fundamentals of a Healthy Back (workshop lesson) »

Back-lying, often knees bent, sometimes legs crossed, tilting. Clarifying our image of the "five curves" of the axial skeleton in action: the traditional three (lumbar, thoracic, cervical), plus the sacrum/tailbone and the skull. Learning to sense functions and efforts through all five curves, including breathing.

6. Breath, Belly, Back, and Hips: Connecting to the Earth (workshop lesson) »

Back-lying, mostly knees bent, framed by brief explorations in standing. An amalgamation of investigations of the lower torso, especially as it connects through the legs and feet to the earth. This lesson develops awareness and spaciousness of this "middle" area, and the Tanden (a concept from the martial arts, also known as the lower Dantian) is discussed and sensed. This lesson was taught in Nick's workshop called "Organizing the Feet for Balance, Posture, and Power" as sensitivity training and preparation for the Activating the Arches lesson, but it's also valuable as a standalone lesson.