Functional Integration Scheduling Recommendations

Rather than working together on a regular schedule, for most students I recommend that we schedule “pulses” of more focused Functional Integration learning (often 2-4 lessons in a week to 10 days), followed by pauses in our lessons while you develop new ideas, engage in self-study, and find questions to explore when we come back together.

The “pulses and pauses” schedule creates a learning advantage for most students, but it’s not required to come for multiple lessons in short order, especially if you are exploring Awareness Through Movement (self-led Feldenkrais lessons) at home or in my classes. I recognize that some schedules and learning needs don’t work well with pulses and pauses and will be happy to talk about this with you if I haven’t already.

I schedule Functional Integration lessons up to 75 days ahead. Scheduling ahead can be a way to experiment with coming less often while still making sure there are times available for you. Contact me to schedule.

More on pulses and pauses:

  • A common pulse and pause model of FI study means coming twice weekly for 1-3 weeks, then taking some time off from lessons, often 1-4 weeks or more. It’s my experience that in the long run this gives students more impact from fewer FI lessons.
  • Pulses and pauses are a suggested learning model that’s more effective than weekly study for most people. I’m aiming to help you create more independence in your learning and improvement process, so you are more empowered, confident, and healthy.
  • For people used to a weekly schedule, consider a pair of lessons about 48-72 hours apart, twice a month (a week or two off in between pairs).
  • Once-a-month (or less often) pulse: more experienced students, those who do a lot of self-study in class or at home, and some who are coming for “tune ups,” often do very well with a pair of lessons once a month, or at even longer intervals.
  • We can experiment over time with different schedule possibilities and see what suits your needs best. I’m happy to discuss options if you’re considering a change.