FI Studio Hours, Location, and Tuition

No availability currently: My FI studio is full and I’m not able to accept new students at this time. Email me or click here to read about other options for studying Feldenkrais.

Hours and Location

I teach one-to-one Functional Integration lessons by appointment in my studio at our home in Eagan, Minnesota (south of St. Paul, convenient to I-35E and I-494).

While most FI lessons are about an hour, I meet with new students for a little longer. This gives us ample time for an informal interview to orient us to your needs and goals, a one-hour FI lesson, a consultation about what you can expect from Feldenkrais, and discussion of possible courses of study.

I’m returning to in-person teaching “post”-pandemic, and 1:1 hours are very limited.

Lesson Tuition

Tuition for all lessons is $150. The first lesson is 75-90 minutes. Subsequent lessons are about 55 minutes, but when needed for pedagogical purposes we may go a little longer, if we both have time. There is no additional charge for this time.

I recognize that my students’ wellness goals and financial circumstances vary. I work hard to help my students achieve lasting improvement within the realities of our schedules and resources. Here are some ways to maximize your improvement and minimize expense.

  • If you can commit study time toward your self-improvement goals but cannot afford or schedule frequent one-to-one FI lessons, you will find great value in my public Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Feldenkrais classes. Contact me for more info.
  • A great way to reduce costs is to use lots of guided self-study at home. Through our one-to-one FI work (even if it’s infrequent) I can recommend “homework” ATM lessons in audio or printed form, specifically chosen for your needs. I have created an industry-leading extensive collection of high-quality, free to use, donor-supported streaming ATM class recordings called The Feldenkrais Project.
  • Other home study ATM lessons are available for purchase from other Feldenkrais Practitioners. Check out the Recommended Products page for examples. I also frequently lend students resources from my own CD library.
  • Many students use a combination of FI lessons and ATM classes/recordings to maximize their learning in an affordable way.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) you may be able to pay for Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons with it. While the Feldenkrais Method is an educational modality (not healthcare), the medical community often puts Feldenkrais under the billing heading of “neuromuscular reeducation.” Check with your HSA bank or insurance company. Receipts are available upon request on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Contact me to schedule FI lessons, or if you’re looking for directions, info about your first visit, or the FI student intake form, click here to visit my FI student orientation page.