Orientation for New FI Students

I teach the Feldenkrais Method’s hands-on modality, called Functional Integration (FI) lessons, in my studio at my family’s home: 4692 Parkridge Dr., Eagan, MN 55123. It’s just off of Cliff Rd., a major thoroughfare in Eagan. We’re three houses in on Parkridge, on the right, with the basketball hoop. Google, Mapquest, Yahoo, and GPS’s do a great job getting you here.

Please fill out the Google Forms intake form I will send you. Fill out whatever you can of it before you come so we’ll have a little more time to work together in our first lesson. We’ll talk through it, so don’t worry if you’re not sure what to write.

Please e-mail me a phone number where I could reach you before our lesson if I haven’t taken down one from you yet, in case I would have to cancel on short notice due to illness or emergency.

Please be aware of small children playing when approaching, parking, and backing out. We have four children of our own, and there are many children in the neighborhood

The best place to park is on the right side of our driveway, next to the basketball hoop and in front of the smaller garage door if the spot is available. This is the student parking spot and year-round it is the best option when it’s available.

If another student’s vehicle is in the student spot when you arrive, please park on the street. Do not park facing against traffic.

Eagan winter street parking rules (Nov. 15 – Apr. 15, regardless of snow): on even days of the month, park on the even house number side of the street (our side); on odd days of the month, park on the odd side of the street (opposite side).

Please always ring the doorbell and knock when you arrive, even if I am with another student, so I know you are here. You may ring the bell up to 5 minutes before your appointment time. A restroom is available for your use, right inside the front door.

FI lessons are normally around 55 minutes, but your first lesson will be longer, usually about 75 minutes. Sometimes for pedagogical purposes after your first lesson, I may want to work with you longer than 55 minutes. I’ll ask if it’s OK to go over the hour. There is no charge for this extra time.

You can wear anything comfortable to move in. FI lessons are done fully-clothed, with shoes, belts, and glasses removed. Please avoid wearing skirts, jeans, or anything restrictive or with bulky belt loops. If you’re coming from work, something professional but soft is just fine for our movement needs.

Quieter activities after your FI are better for your learning than stressful ones, or having to hurry. Please plan accordingly. As your brain processes the new sensations and movement patterns from an FI lesson, it’s helpful for your learning if your activities are lower intensity in the first few hours after your lesson. Taking a walk is great (even indoors while shopping somewhere if the weather is bad), as is heading home for a nap if you feel fatigued. Often life’s responsibilities don’t afford much time for a slower pace, but if you can at least do something pleasant and easy afterwards that gives you a chance to pay attention to the new sensations, your learning will be enhanced.

All lessons are $150. The first lesson is 75 minutes, and subsequent lessons are about 55 minutes. I prefer Venmo (@NickStrauss-Klein) but I also accept personal checks (made out to “Twin Cities Feldenkrais, LLC” or Nick Strauss-Klein), and cash. I don’t accept credit cards directly, though you may pay through PayPal.com. You can also send a PayPal payment to me at nick@twincitiesfeldenkrais.com. All payments are expected at the time of the lesson.

Cancellation policy: Except in cases of emergency, you are responsible for the full lesson fee for appointments broken or cancelled without 24-hours’ advance notice.

Allergy information: We have two short-haired cats. They are not allowed in the studio where we’ll work, and I haven’t yet had a client with allergies be bothered by them.

I look forward to our Functional Integration lessons together!

Nick Strauss-Klein