FI Studio Reminders and Policies

The best place to park is on the right side of our driveway, in front of the smaller garage door if the spot is available. This is the student parking spot and it is always the best option when it’s available.

If another student’s vehicle is in the student spot when you arrive, please park on the street. Do not park facing against traffic.

Eagan winter parking rules (Nov. 15 – Apr. 15): on even days of the month, park on the even house number side of the street (our side); on odd days of the month, park on the odd side of the street (opposite side).

Take a walk after your lesson: It’s usually a great idea to take a walk for a few minutes after your FI lesson to sense how you’re moving – what’s new, pleasant, or interesting? Remember, it’s your curiosity and exploration of your unusual sense of yourself that makes the biggest, most sustainable changes. If the weather is bad then consider some light shopping after a lesson. Even just lingering in the front hall of our home a few minutes can provide an opportunity to sense and integrate.

Payment for FI lessons:

  • Many people write very few checks nowadays. To simplify your bookkeeping and mine, I encourage you to pay for the month’s FI lessons at the time of your first FI of the month. If a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled within my cancellation policy (see below), you won’t be charged for it. We’ll just forward the balance to pay for your next lesson, whenever that is. I’ll share my dated records of your lessons and payments any time you’d like an update.
  • My intention with monthly prepayment is to make things easier, not harder. You may choose to pay for each lesson at the time of the lesson.
  • I accept personal checks (made out to Twin Cities Feldenkrais or my name) or cash. I don’t accept credit cards directly, though some students who prefer to use credit cards have found a way to do it through you can send a Paypal payment to me at (electronic payments are expected before your lesson time).
  • Receipts are available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis upon request. Often HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) can be used to pay for Feldenkrais lessons. Check with your bank or insurance provider. The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education falls under the “neuromuscular reeducation” heading in the medical world.

Cancellation policy: Except in cases of emergency, you are responsible for the full lesson fee for appointments broken or cancelled without 24-hours’ advance notice.