Ingredients of Organic Learning (aka Curiosity!)

Not just for Feldenkrais study, not just for somatic explorations! An unordered list intended to help you create a safe, fun, and efficient human learning environment for yourself or others. Good reminders for teachers and parents.
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Parasympathetic dominance (allowing ourselves to drop out of fight/flight/anxiety organizations of our nervous system, and drop fully into the rest/heal/digest/learn organization)
  • Comparison/differentiation (new vs. old experience, and new vs. other new)
  • Trial and error
  • Novelty and variation
  • Welcoming confusion
  • Wonder and fascination (see this New York Times article about habit and wonder!)
  • A roving, open attention for internal and external experiences, not a singular focus. “Concentrate” is not a great word. Note the “concentric,” narrowing implications.
  • Willingness to daydream sometimes
  • Visualization of new patterns
  • Time
  • Kindness
  • Time + kindness = patience