Breath, Belly, Back, and Hips: Connecting to the Earth (workshop lesson)

Back-lying, mostly knees bent, framed by brief explorations in standing. An amalgamation of investigations of the lower torso, especially as it connects through the legs and feet to the earth. This lesson develops awareness and spaciousness of this "middle" area, and the Tanden (a concept from the martial arts, also known as the lower Dantian) is discussed and sensed. This lesson was taught in Nick's workshop called "Organizing the Feet for Balance, Posture, and Power" as sensitivity training and preparation for the Activating the Arches lesson, but it's also valuable as a standalone lesson.

  • If you’re “doing the workshop” at home and going on to the lesson called Activating the Arches next, you’ll probably want more of a break than the 10 minutes mentioned at the end of the recording. That was just the time until the group came back together for discussion. As long as there are no big stresses, continuing on to Activating the Arches any time today or tomorrow should create a close enough proximity in time for the relatedness of the lessons to carry through as they were intended in the workshop.
  • This lesson is long but intended to be moved through in great comfort and ease. Keeping a restful, almost lazy attitude can help. There are several different sections of the lesson, so if you need a break, pause the recording when we begin to do something new. It’s ok even to come back to it later. When you do, lie down and improvise briefly through what you remember of the lesson so far, then resume playing the recording.
  • For context for the curious, here’s the workshop description for the evening this was recorded.

One thought on “Breath, Belly, Back, and Hips: Connecting to the Earth (workshop lesson)

  1. Another great lesson! I was particularly interested in this one as I recently started aikido, and a main focus is moving from the center (tanden). My feet have been hurting from this activity, as well as lots of farm work.
    I became aware during this lesson of a holding in my hips that was creating a brace in my whole structure. After the lesson my walking was much freer.
    An interesting aside and not a surprise to me or regular ATM folks is that my eyes were wider after the lesson! My eyes were relaxed and softly looking at the horizon as I was walking-instead of looking down which has been a habit of mine.
    Feldenkrais is amazing-thank you Nick!

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