Legs Crossed, Freeing the Spine and Chest Part 1

Backlying, tilting the crossed legs to organize the flexors and extensors, and eventually using the tilted crossed legs as a constraint to help learn more suppleness of the spine, chest, shoulders, and neck.

  • It’s important to note that the primary configuration and movement of the lesson (lying on your back, legs crossed fully, one foot standing, tilting the tied legs across the midline from the standing foot) may be very small as you figure out what’s comfortable for you. Your knees may move a few inches, a few millimeters, or a few feet, whatever is most comfortable at the time. It’s likely the range will increase during the lesson, but that isn’t the goal of the lesson, so don’t be ambitious! The configuration is not about flexibility (though that will improve), it’s about the learning opportunities that can be created elsewhere while in this constraining configuration.
  • Also note that if this configuration is uncomfortable for you and doesn’t get easier in the first few minutes, you should explore other lessons and come back to it some other time. You might start with Tilting, Bending, and Straightening the Legs instead.
  • After this lesson you might want to go on to Part 2, right here.

4 thoughts on “Legs Crossed, Freeing the Spine and Chest Part 1

  1. This is going to be my “go to” lesson when I feel like renewing my awareness, feeling out of touch with my flexibility or when I am unable to attend class. Thanks Nick. The delivery on the tape is excellent.

    • A wonderful lesson. Maybe my favorite. Initially the clear directions make the movements long and luscious and really accessible. A bit of challenge (for me) at the end is helpful to tie it all together. Thank you!

  2. Another fantastic lesson Nick. I really felt my chest relax and open to take in more air. Also noticed it was much easier, almost reflexive to breath deeper in to my lower abdomen.

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