Fundamentals of a Healthy Back (workshop lesson)

Back-lying, often knees bent, sometimes legs crossed, tilting. Clarifying our image of the "five curves" of the axial skeleton in action: the traditional three (lumbar, thoracic, cervical), plus the sacrum/tailbone and the skull. Learning to sense functions and efforts through all five curves, including breathing.

  • For some learning context from the workshop where this lesson was recorded, check out my blog post Info and lessons from Healthy Back workshop. It includes the principles discussed after the lesson, and links to versions of the lessons that followed after the break mentioned at the end of this recording.
  • Near the end of this lesson I had a verbal slip I didn’t notice while teaching: I mention the “five lines” instead of the “five curves” of the spine. I meant the curves, which are the dominant image of the lesson; I’m asking you to check in on that image once again. Longtime Feldies know how much more often we talk about the five lines image (the stick-figure schematic) of ourselves in scans before and after ATMs. Oops.
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3 thoughts on “Fundamentals of a Healthy Back (workshop lesson)

  1. After the ‘MN Hunch Season’ is over, the easy going, very clear directions in following N.S.K. in slowly helping us to coordinate the movements with an amazing stretch, awareness and opening of the vertebrae to feel more flexible but controlled more, and feeling better alignment on my aging body and now can stand up straighter. Appreciate this so much after taking classes from N.S.K. many years ago at the JCC in St. Paul. Thank you!

    • Especially after this difficult winter we Minnesotans are so glad to throw off our parkas and shivering hunches! Happy to help!

  2. That was a wonderful lesson Nick. It was really interesting to observe the relationship between the breath and the 5 curves.
    Thanks again

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