The Hip Joints: Moving Proximal Around Distal

Back-lying, knees bent, feet standing, often one leg resting out to the side on a pillow. Learning to move the whole self (proximal) in relationship to a quietly resting limb (distal). This reversal of the typical image we have of moving a limb creates a novel learning environment within the self, with benefits for the legs, hips, back, and our overall organization. Sitting on the floor at the beginning and end of the lesson is used to help identify some of the changes that take place.

  • For this lesson have one or two bed pillows or sofa cushions nearby. For most people pillows available at home work better than the props mentioned in the recording from the classroom where the recording was made (folded blankets, rollers, yoga blocks). You can even simply lean the passive knee against a nearby piece of furniture, so long as that’s comfortable!
  • In this class I expanded considerably on my lesson source, but I’m indebted to material found in Elizabeth Beringer’s series of recorded ATM lessons called Embodied Learning: Focus on the Hips and Low Back, available for purchase from several websites.

3 thoughts on “The Hip Joints: Moving Proximal Around Distal

  1. What a wonderful lesson! So interesting moving the pelvis in so many directions around the head of the femur. Having one leg totally relaxed helped a lot! One aspect that I added for myself, that I found helpful, was having a smooth belly or even bringing the belly forward in certain positions.
    Thank you very much for this lesson!

  2. I think this is a terrific ATM. I’ve done it twice now, each time I get something new. Thank you very much, Nick! Blessings, Lauri

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