Lifting the Pelvis, Toward Bridging

Backlying, knees bent, feet standing, variations on lifting and lowering the pelvis, and eventually bridging the arms, to improve upright organization and balance.

  • For a related lesson in the same knees bent, feet standing backlying configuration, try Spine Like a Chain, with a Bias
  • Primary source: Chavah Shelhav and Dalia Golomb, A Guide to Awareness Through Movement: 18 Lessons Based on the Feldenkrais Method.

4 thoughts on “Lifting the Pelvis, Toward Bridging

  1. Thanks Nick, I did this this morning, I felt wonderful afterwards and enjoyed the lesson a lot. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and discovered your online lessons about a year ago. I have done lots of them and loved them, some I didn’t finish but will go back to at some stage. I like your style of teaching and instructing, and am looking forward to trying your newest additions.
    Thanks so much for your generosity in making such a fantastic resource freely available online.
    Warm regards, Marie

  2. hi nick,
    i would say, for my feedback as an elderly Feldenkrais prax, this was 4 great lessons in one. at this point i move even more slowly and do fewer “reps” with more attention. i had plenty to work with in a deeper way in the first 20 minutes. my honest opinion is that lessons should be slower, especially when there are so many different phases, joints/muscles involved. there is so much to notice and sense. my feeling is also that pupils are better served when they learn in smaller chunks, before putting it together. perhaps your students are more advanced or else need more stimulation. no disapproval intended. much gratitude intended.
    bonnie angelie, tucson

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