The Periscope

Side-lying, using a reference movement of the arm standing like a periscope. This lesson softens, mobilizes, and integrates the use of the chest and shoulders.

  • Please have a bath towel nearby to fold for head support for this and all sidelying lessons as needed. As the lesson progresses you may find you need and perhaps want less support.
  • Rest frequently, before you feel fatigued, by pausing the recording or even just letting it continue while you only imagine the movements during a few moments of rest.
  • The periscope image at the beginning and end of this lesson always intends the periscope-like arm to be in true vertical. That is, the periscope arm is plumb with gravity, standing up vertically in the room. (Usually in ATM lessons “up” refers to the direction the crown of your head is pointing, which is usually “up” the length of your mat, toward the top of the mat.)
  • The spiraling action of the periscope described at the very end of the lesson can of course be tried with the other arm too. Note that the direction of the rotation of the arm while lengthening it is not specified. Both ways of rotating are possible, and require very different and fascinating uses of the chest and spine.
  • If you like working with this image of the periscope, a companion lesson can be found in Periscope 2. Another great related lesson is Reaching, Rolling, and Ribs. Both are in the Other ATMs collection
  • Aryln Zones’ excellent ATM series A Flexible Chest Vol. 2 is source material for much of this ATM. Check it out on my check it out on my recommended products page.

5 thoughts on “The Periscope

  1. Was sorry to have missed class last week. Feel fortunate that I was able to take virtually. Feel relaxed, a bit confused and a lightness in both my ribs and hip!

  2. This and Periscope 2 are on my all time favorites list. The second time I did this lesson I felt a long standing stuck place inside my scapula free up. It was like getting a massage from the inside. The amount of freedom in my shoulders was incredible and it was truly blissful! This used to be “my spot” that was only relieved by a massage therapist’s elbow in the groove between. Having it free its own self was sublime!

  3. Just an amazing lesson. Did just after breaking a finger badly and while casted and again after the op to fix it. Both times very different but the end result was such a feeling of lightness and being centred back again in my body. Thank you thank you

  4. This was profound. I’d had a small spasm in my thoracic ribs/spine that was really bothering me and my movements. It’s gone!

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