Tilting, Bending, and Straightening the Legs

Back-lying, one or both knees bent, tilting the knees and letting their weight twist, turn, and lengthen the body. Transferring weight. Broadening and clarifying the function and ease of the pelvis, hip joints, and lumbar. Learning to bend and straighten the legs in the way of a baby. Integrating all of this through the whole self, including the chest, shoulders, head, and eyes.

  • If you find yourself experiencing discomfort with the basic movements of the beginning of the lesson (standing one foot, tilting its knee across the midline, pushing that foot down to lift your hip), do smaller and fewer movements and experiment with slightly different placements of your foot on the floor: closer or further from your midline, closer or further from your buttocks. You can also play with emphasizing pushing from different aspects of your foot: outer edge, inner edge, heel, ball.
  • At any time you may pause the movements and rest with both legs long.
  • If after trying these experiments you can’t get comfortable, you may skip this first lesson of the Integrating the Legs series (you can always skip lessons if you like) and begin with lesson 2 or 5, perhaps coming back to lesson 1 later.

10 thoughts on “Tilting, Bending, and Straightening the Legs

  1. I really liked your articulateness and fluency of instructions and suggestions of things to look for. Is this a home grown ATM? I look forward to doing another tomorrow.

    • It’s got many home-grown ideas layered into a common Feldenkrais legs lesson (Mark Reese and Ruthy Alon are good sources). I wanted to emphasize some things that are usually more peripheral to this type of lesson but that I have found important for myself and my students. One is learning to drop a hip joint backward as it flexes–a topic several of the lessons of my Integrating the Legs series address–which prepares us for taking a step.

  2. Directions are very creative and try to be without judgement, fi when you say : feel or sense what is interesting about it..
    To me this is a new Fkrais experience. Thank you.

  3. this lesson and especially your version and way of guiding and instructing keeps providing more valuable information and possibilities each time i come back to it. and i’m no spring chicken in this wonderful method we have been given.

    many thanks nick,
    bonnie angelie

    • That’s great! I love how returning to even basic lessons yields new insights. I’ve probably done paradoxical breathing 100 times over the years and I still discover new sensations and details.

  4. Thank you!!
    So wonderful to be able to do these movements
    My wacked out old body is responding!!!
    Hope you are still taking donations.

  5. Thank you Nick. Wonderful. I have had back injury and for the first time could roll my right side pelvis to the right feel its weight. With no pain.

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