Your Navigational Pelvis

Back-lying, knees bent. Learning how the interaction of the feet with the ground drives the pelvis in all directions. Integrating the spine, head, and eyes. A variation of the classic "Pelvic Clock" Feldenkrais ATM lesson.

  • If you have any discomfort pressing or lightening your feet, do less, rest more fully and longer between movements, or even proceed only in your imagination. You literally can’t do too little, as your brain will engage the musculature enough to promote the neuroplastic process, even if you’re only imagining the movement or it’s so small no one watching could even see it.
  • For another version of this ATM, try the Pelvic Clock lesson. It’s a more traditional teaching of the classic circling-the-pelvis Feldenkrais ATM.

5 thoughts on “Your Navigational Pelvis

  1. I think your lessons are extraordinary, Nick, especially Activating the Arches and the Navigational Pelvis (which I’ve revisited several times without yet completing the Integrating the Legs series). Thank you for your generosity in sharing these lessons. They are both simple and deep. I found your immediate engagement through the feet, especially after the Arches lesson, and your image of unweighting a foot/feet, to be very powerful and clarifying. Thanks!

  2. These are really outstanding lessons. I’ve been doing ATM for almost forty years; the use of the feet in your version of pelvic clock [Your Navigational Pelvis], your re-working of the spine like a skewer lesson [The Anti-Gravity Lesson] is outstanding.

  3. These lessons keep getting better and better. I have never felt such a clear relationship between the role of the pelvis and walking. You are an excellent instructor.

  4. I can only agree with the comments above. This particular version of the pelvic clock was like a revelation to me – one more missing link towards the awareness of how pressing with the feet relates to the position of the pelvis in standing and walking and also connected other dots for me in the process of realizing where do my particular problems come from and how to overcome them. Thank you Nick for your admirable work and for your generosity in providing these excellent lessons for the benefit of all who are willing to work on/with themselves towards refining their awareness and ability to move and act with ever greater ease and joy. I wish I could participate live in person in Nick’s classes and also FI, but even doing these lessons again and again is a tremendous treasure as with each repetition of a lesson a new layer is revealed – that’s what happened to me with this particular lesson when I did it again after a while, believing it is the old well known circling with the pelvis.

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