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Thanks to all our donors, Founders, and Sustainers, on 3/5/19 our new website at LAUNCHED! Please go there to do a lesson. You can view all of the Founders and Sustainers who gave so generously and inspired others to donate on the new site’s Founders page

The Feldenkrais Project brings the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study to thousands of people across the globe using a grassroots funding model.

The Feldenkrais Project’s Vision:

  • Spreading the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible, including to those who lack funds or access to teachers
  • Elevating awareness of the Feldenkrais Method and generating interest in practitioners and classes worldwide
  • Expanding our listener community and building on the success of our grassroots donations model to secure long-term funding for this project

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2/8/19 Update: THANK YOU to our generous supporters! With over 150 donations arriving from around the world we reached our goal and raised $8,000 to cover the transition to the new site. The testimonial of one Founding donor really speaks to the ethos of this project:

My favorite line so far from the recordings is “learning to be a human animal on this earth.” I love your approach to teaching, and I love this grassroots social justice model of providing a free and open resource by gathering contributions from people who have the means.

– Johanna Rayman, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Clinical Social Worker

After years of dreaming and months of planning, discussion, and fine-tuning, we have launched the new Here’s some of the many new features:
  • Lesson collections right on the homepage and searchable on-site
  • Elegant design makes it easier to share the Project, individual lessons, and collections
  • Community pages highlight our grassroots effort, vision, project goals, and permanent listings for our Founders
  • Integrated donation software will help secure ongoing funding for the Project
  • Many new “thank you” benefits for donors, in addition to mp3 downloads.

I am extremely grateful for the contributions from our global community, including listeners in the United States, Israel, France, the Czech Republic and Australia, to name a few!

We did it! Thanks to listener donation we’re able to pay our web developer, as well as marketing, art, and tech professionals to create an inspiring, user-friendly, community-focused site for our worldwide listeners and donors.

Thanks for all your support!

– Nick Strauss-Klein

PS – Please visit the Founders page on our new website to read what our Founders and Sustainers said about why they support The Feldenkrais Project!