Recommended Products

Here are some books and recordings I frequently recommend to ATM and FI students for home study. I also loan these out of my own library to current FI students. Note that products are not required for home study; students also do “homework” that we’ve developed together in our ATM or FI study without books or recordings. Also my collection of streaming audio ATM lessons is freely available to all, right here.


  • Relaxercise is my favorite introductory book resource to Feldenkrais Method. Clear and simple explanations of the work, and accessible lessons, instructions, and illustrations. It’s also available as a recording (if you don’t mind the background music–you can play samples and check). Notice that the excellent introduction is FREE to listen to.
  • Mark Reese’s Moving Out of Pain set of audio lessons for home study is a great set of ATM lessons I recommend frequently to students, and use as source material for lesson structures I frequently teach in class. You can even download the lessons piecemeal, though it’s a much better deal to get all sixteen 30-minute lessons.
  • I find many people coming to me with chronic pain or headaches also suffer from TMJ tension or bruxism (teeth grinding). The Intelligent Body: TMJ Program is a single CD with short, very effective lessons. There is a wonderful longer program available too, if you’d like to dig in deeper to freeing your mouth and jaw.
  • This audio lesson set is great for people who struggle with insomnia or quality of sleep. High quality of rest is vital for healing, reducing pain, learning, and satisfaction in life.
  • I have found Feldenkrais Trainer and Zen master Russell Delman’s language and teaching very helpful for me and many students, especially around the ideas of being present for unpleasant experiences in order to find change, improvement, and an increased sense of agency under adversity. The Embodied Life II, second product on this page (it’s a refinement, not a sequel–you don’t need Embodied Life I first) may be a wonderful way forward for you with our processes. It also includes a few direct and informative talks about the nature of self, breath, and the thinking mind, and some guided meditations (meditation is not normally a part of the Feldenkrais Method). The seven excellent movement lessons are 20-40 minutes each and are of primary importance.
  • The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement is another good book resource for continued study. 
  • The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, M.D., is an accessible and useful read for understanding the history and basics of neuroplasticity, the science on which the Feldenkrais Method is built.
  • The Brain’s Healing Way, also by Norman Doidge, published in January, 2015, has a major section devoted to the Feldenkrais Method! Click here for links to a excerpt, book reviews, a study guide, and
  •’s Author Page for Moshe Feldenkrais shows most of his published works. His writing style is clear but dense; he’s a consummate scientist. This book is the best place to start if you want to read Feldenkrais himself to study the Feldenkrais Method. Strangely missing from Amazon’s list of Moshe’s books (but available on Amazon) is The Elusive Obvious.
  • The Yogaback is an excellent product for making car seats more functional for actual human sitting. In recent years they have become dangerously more bucket-shaped, to the point of even pushing our heads and necks into flexion. This simple, flexible product provides the sacral and thoracic support we need. The product’s creator answers his own phone and will happily explain his product to you. He’s a PT who’s done some excellent work. Tell him I said hello! We got to chatting when I ordered our second for my wife’s car (she had been stealing mine).

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