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Awareness Through Movement testimonials

I found Nick’s course valuable and eye opening. I am a instructor of movement myself, and this was my first experience with the Feldenkrais Method. It was a holistic and enlightening way to engage body/mind/breath connection. Nick is incredibly knowledgeable about his material, clear and concise in his direction, and truly passionate about what he teaches. No matter what your moving and/or healing path is, try his class, it open a whole new awareness for you.

– Amanda Straka, 38, RYT, CPT, Thai Massage Therapist

Short comments from multiple students:

Superbly beneficial. Try it — you’ll love it!

The physical and emotional benefits are priceless. I always feel better afterwards.

[I can] transfer what is learned to life experiences outside the classroom.

[Nick] explains why being aware of your body in relation to movement is vitally important. His teaching style gives confidence.

The class is amazing – just makes me feel good to be there.

After each class my body tells me how happy and grateful it is. There is a buoyancy and looseness that is immensely satisfying. Feldenkrais classes put me in control of learning about my body.

As someone who is prone to injury the moment I walk into an exercise class, I truly appreciate Nick’s creativity and the wide range of options he offers. I have made significant progress away from a therapeutic lifestyle and toward normal, enjoyable movement.

Most interesting was the feeling when I laid down in bed and felt my lower back and hip open up for the first time in a long time.

After just one class I find it really interesting and like that idea of exploring internal and external perspectives.

I think especially the last lesson, on the floor, was responsible for helping me dismantle (once again) the excess tension in my back and stomach.  I had such a nice time sitting at my desk the next day, all afternoon, up near the front of my chair, so relaxed!


A few longer bits of feedback I’ve received by email:

I have been looking for more of a connection with my physical body and am finding Feldenkrais to be of help and feel there is also an openness happening on another level; energetic, spiritual, emotional, etc….all of that and I’m thinking there’s even more to come! I am excited to be starting this class with you. You are a kind and gentle teacher and meet everyone at their own level without judgment. Thank you for your service to this great world of ours.

– Mary Anne, 62, retired

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it (and probably didn’t have to), but my right hip has been seizing-up (I feel like Grandpa McCoy sometimes) for the last year, getting progressively worse and a little dangerous on stairs. Things had gotten to the point where shaving the right side of my right leg had become an ordeal as I twisted every which-way, trying to get the razor all the way around to that side of my leg — and I’m right handed! Imagine my amazement when I started the leg-shaving ritual this morning and reached right down and shaved my leg — just like the good old days! I was so excited, I hopped out of the tub and clipped my toe-nails. I could reach them! A miracle! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

— Jeanne, 60, data analyst

A student stopped me after the last class of the summer to tell me that she was feeling remarkable quality of life improvements after only 10 lessons, and that people in her life, from acquaintances to her husband, were spontaneously commenting on her more upright posture. She explained that women in her family tend to have very bad backs and posture as they age, and that for the first time she felt she might not have that future. “The best thing is,” she said, “is that it’s so easy. I stand up straighter but I’m not pulling myself into it, or working hard. I feel wonderful.”

Functional Integration testimonials

Why FI sessions? Taking time to listen to my body regularly is good all by itself – but the real benefits go on and on. More flexibility. More energy. Fewer headaches (and neckaches, and shoulder aches, and more.) The easiest fall allergy (and asthma) season I’ve had in 15 years. More than anything, more awareness of how I spend my attention and focus, so I can do more of what I want, and do it in ways that best reach toward my dreams and my goals.

Why Nick? A wonderful balance of conversation and silence, a willingness to explore, but also to suggest. An external perspective who not only notices what he sees – but also what he hears and feels, and what that says about the body and response. I look forward to my sessions, no matter what else happens in the week, as a chance to stop and breathe and focus on just one thing: listening to what’s good for my body.

— Jane, 34, librarian

So the lessons involve roughly two things: helping me become aware (but without judgment) of the habits I’ve developed that are aggravating my problems, and helping me find different ways of moving that are easier, gentler on my knee, and more graceful…. Unlike massage therapy, a Feldenkrais teacher doesn’t try to complete the process through external manipulation. Rather, he leaves you a little bit hanging, allowing your brain to chew on it a bit and find the best solution. This results in a more sustainable change, even if it’s sometimes a bit disorienting. If you’ve ever left a great massage session only to have your muscles become tight again the next day, you’ll appreciate the difference.

— Sharon, publisher/blogger (read her whole blog post on her Feldenkrais lessons)

I have experienced sciatic nerve pain for over 3 years along with arthritic joint pain in my knees. I was not familiar with the Feldenkrais Method and was skeptical that a treatment so simple and easy could make a difference. Since meeting with Nick I have been virtually pain free in both areas and notice my posture and movement has improved dramatically. I wholeheartedly will and do recommend Feldenkrais to everyone I know.

– From Paul, a realtor

I enjoyed your gentle manner, your attentive eyes, and your knowledgeable way of guiding me to discover my own solutions for helping me improve my comfort. What a beautiful model for personal empowerment and the discovery of internal resources of which I was unaware.

– David, a neuropsychologist

I was relatively unfamiliar with Feldenkrais when I had the opportunity to work with Nick. As a chiropractor who takes fairly good care of my frame, I was curious to see how the lessons could benefit my body. During each lesson, Nick helped me feel and understand the patterns of tension I had created and upheld in day-to-day living. As a result of Nick’s gentle guidance, I left feeling more balanced, more naturally at ease, and with a greater connection to my body. I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone seeking greater range of motion, release of tension, or an increased sense of fluidity and grace to experience the Feldenkrais Method with Nick. He is an excellent practitioner, and I thank him for his help!

— Bari, 27, chiropractor

After just a few lessons I have increased awareness of my body movement habits. I can now consciously choose different motions to develop improved habits that help me move more effectively to avoid muscle stress and pain.

— Renae, 51, industrial hygienist

Nick helped my whole body to work better. The stiffness in my joints and muscles that I experience due to Fibromyalgia were alleviated. I stood taller and walked with more confidence after each session.

— Bethany, 29, teacher

I enjoyed three remarkable Feldenkrais sessions with Nick Strauss-Klein this summer. I have arthritis in both knees and two artificial hips, and I needed Nick’s help to make walking easier, pleasanter and more nearly pain-free. Nick delivered. His gentle touch and total command of Feldenkrais taught me to walk from my neck down, not from my hips or knees. That would have made no sense to me before my sessions with Nick, but now I find myself walking more easily and sure-footedly, with a sense of integration between my legs and the rest of myself. Nick quickly observed the smallest nuances in the way I was carrying myself and my old habits of moving, and, after just two sessions, I could change my gait and balance and find walking truly enjoyable. Nick explained the process, cheerfully answered my questions, and took personal interest and delight in my progress. I have been recommending him to some of my friends, and I enjoy their thank-yous when they have the same wonderful experiences that I’ve had.

— Yosi, 65, rabbi

Each week I noticed improvements in my physical experience. My chronic back pain was alleviated and I was able to move to a sitting position with ease and grace. It had been 3 years since I had been able to do so.

— Aaron, 62, attorney

As of Feb. 2007, a year had passed since I had experienced heart failure and had been hospitalized at NYU… I know that the Feldenkrais classes have made the most dramatic contributions to my feeling better and dealing with life’s challenges with more confidence. I learn to be more aware and gentle in my movements and in cultivating flexibility, balance, and harmony in my daily life. I look forward to many more wonderful realizations and a growing respect for the substance and authenticity of the Feldenkrais teachings as a learning experience in holistic healing of the individual… Thank you, Nick, for being a skilled, compassionate Feldenkrais teacher…

— Mary, librarian

Your instruction in the Feldenkrais Method was instrumental in my success. Whenever I fell into the mentality of ‘no pain no gain’ or ‘more is always better’ I remembered the philosophy of Feldenkrais: that it’s the quality of the movement rather than the volume of effort or work performed which ensures maximal learning and benefit.

— Chris, organist, after passing the American Guild of Organists Certification Exam