What is the Feldenkrais Method?

This is an introduction to the group modality of the Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement) as it is taught in wellness centers and fitness clubs.

The Feldenkrais Method for Children

The short video below features Sheryl Field, the prominent pediatric Feldenkrais Practitioner with whom I have trained for 120 hours in recent years. She discusses how we work with children. The two-year-old child near the end of the video is my son Ari.

Feldenkrais Class 1 by Baby Liv: Rolling

Baby Liv learns to roll and crawl

These adorable three-minute videos articulate the human learning process–the Feldenkrais learning process!–very succinctly and clearly. Video of a baby exploring movement naturally is interspersed with typical movement and sensing cues that might be said to adults in ATM class as they explore the same ideas.

Feldenkrais Class 2 by Baby Liv: Crawling

Understanding Pain: What To Do About It

This 5-minute Australian video (not from the Feldenkrais community) does a nice job explaining the neurological origins of all pain, and touches on relationships of the whole self to persistent pain. The recommended approach to pain is very similar to the kind of holistic exploration that the Feldenkrais Method promotes in students dealing with chronic pain.