West Metro Classes

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.

– Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sci., 1904-1984

Feldenkrais: Most Mondays at The Marsh!

Nick leads public Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes most Mondays at the The Marsh, a fitness, health, and spa facility located just outside I-494 at 15000 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN.

Classes meet on an irregular schedule, usually three weeks per month:

  • 7:00-8:15 pm on FIRST Mondays
  • 1:00-2:15 pm on subsequent Mondays
  • And we take some Mondays off

 Always check our homepage or calendar for the upcoming schedule.

This 75-minute format allows time for discussion or sometimes multiple short ATM lessons. While all ATM lessons are designed to improve the whole self, each month’s lessons have a related theme or focus. See below for monthly themes and descriptions.

Class Description

Move better, feel better! Everything we do in life involves sensation and movement. Deepen the sense of how you move, and discover the profound effect the Feldenkrais Method has on your ability to act with precision, power, and spontaneity. Come to ATM classes to:

  • REDUCE PAIN AND TENSION, and discover how to better prevent or recover from injury.
  • ENJOY your body in motion and improve the quality of your day-to-day life.
  • REFINE your workouts and physical practices like yoga and Pilates.
  • LEARN to organize your whole self – body and mind – more efficiently and pleasurably.
  • UNLOCK a quieter state of mind, a natural neurological response to clarified movement, more skeletally-grounded support, and reduced extraneous effort.
  • Regular public drop-in, per class: $35
  • Single class early bird 20% off: $28 (14 days or more prior to class)
  • 3-pack price: $75 ($25 per class, almost 30% off!)

If you pay for a single class and decide while you’re there that you’re coming back for more Feldenkrais, you can save money by stopping by the front desk afterward to credit your one-class purchase toward a three-pack of classes, which you can use any time (they don’t expire).

Twin Cities Feldenkrais email list subscribers get special TCF pricing. If you didn’t catch the code in our emails, contact Nick after you’re signed up, and ask!

Members of The Marsh also receive a discount. The TCF, Marsh, and early bird discounts can’t be combined.

To register, call The Marsh at (952) 935-2202, or click on the Monthly Themes & Online Registration tab.

It’s great to come every week and discover a through-line of learning related to the theme of the month, but drop-ins and newcomers are always welcome. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class and always stop by the front desk (either to check in or to register).

Here’s our handout for newcomers explaining what happens in class. Movement explorations are done gently and reflectively, usually while lying on a mat in various positions.

Mats are provided. Please dress in layers. Soft clothing is great. It doesn’t have to be workout clothing. Bring a bath towel, or grab a towel from the back of the room to fold for use as head support in class (please don’t substitute a bundled sweatshirt or similar – it’s not an even enough surface for our purposes). Class is normally done without shoes.

If you pay for a single class and decide while you’re there that you’re coming back for more Feldenkrais, you can save money by stopping by the front desk afterward to credit your one-class purchase toward a three-pack of classes, which you can use any time (they don’t expire).

Open to the public, ages 16+. No experience necessary. The only prerequisites are being able to safely get down to lie on a mat on the floor and get back up again, and fluency in aural English. (Group Feldenkrais is taught verbally, not with visual modeling. Instead of copying the instructor’s movements you learn to move in the best way for you.)

Call The Marsh at (952) 935-2202 to register, or use the links below.

January, Free Your Spine: Tune into your sensations and change your movement habits to develop a more flexible, comfortable, and supportive spine. Learn more efficient ways of moving while reducing chronic pain and tension. Gain confidence to rediscover more varied self-use, and learn to maintain or regain function at work, at the gym, or at play. Register online for one or more January classes.

February, Powerful Hips and Shoulders: Learn how to reduce hip and shoulder pain – and feel more comfort, clarity, and ease in all kinds of day-to-day and athletic activity – by integrating movements of your limbs with more supple, holistic recruitment of your ribs, spine, pelvis, and the large muscles of your torso. Register online for one or more February classes.

March, More Functional Feet: Explore and enhance the use of your feet and their relationship to the rest of yourself. Discover how a supple, intelligent use of your feet and knees can improve your balance, posture, and athletic endeavors, and reduce chronic pain in your feet, knees, legs, and back. Register online for one or more March classes.

April, Simpler Sitting and Standing: Learn how to better sense and organize your body’s dynamic upright relationships to gravity. Lessons are designed to help you reduce chronic postural pain and discover better balance, mobility, posture, and power. Register online for one or more April classes.

May, Walking with Your Whole Self: Nourish the neurological “roots” of walking by learning how to better integrate your axis with your arms and legs, so you can walk through life with confidence and pleasure. Nick’s Feldenkrais lessons for walking have been featured nationally in Experience Life! magazine. Register online for one or more May classes.

June, Easing Neck & Back Pain: Discover biomechanical fundamentals about how pain in the back, shoulders, neck, and jaw are linked to each other and can be relieved together, and how to use awareness of the natural curves of the spine to distribute effort more comfortably. Register online for one or more June classes.

The aim is a person who is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular effort, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.

– Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sci., 1904-1984

Learn to move, move to learn. This class is devoted to exploring the basic process of Feldenkrais study: to learn, by developing your self-awareness, to function more effectively and comfortably in all you do, in order to improve your quality of life. Feldenkrais will help you notice habits of action and movement where you work against yourself, and provide you with the means to replace those habits with ones that are more efficient, pleasant, and sustainable over a lifetime.

If your habitual ways of moving are working against you, to the point that you are breaking down more than you are able to restore yourself, then this is the class for you. But it is also for any person, of any movement skill level (including athletes and artists), who wants to learn how to attend more deeply to how they create, initiate, and engage in movement. These lessons are highly integrative in helping you move with the quality and ease you want for your life.

You can learn more about ATM on our What is Awareness Through Movement? page.