Available Workshops

Nick is available to lead workshops upon request at your venue, with details and fee to be arranged. Select from workshops below, or work with Nick to create a new event topic.

Workshops are composed of experiential learning through Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement lessons, as well as lecture-discussions, functional exploration and modeling, and often handouts and optional emailed “homework” lessons to enrich learning.

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Participate in several gentle and fascinating Awareness Through Movement lessons designed to relieve stress, reduce pain in the back, shoulders, neck, and head, and improve quality of movement in both day-to-day and high performance activities. Discussion and Q&A time is included. Students will receive home study resources by email after the workshop.

Our day-to-day lives are full of many repetitive seated activities which keep our focus centered and frequently very near (such as computer work, reading, and crafting). For many people, this leads to a habitual fixation of the eyes, head, and arms in a very narrow range. It’s such a common organization that it begins to dominate our movement patterns in other activities: we stare at a near point on the ground while walking outside, we sleep curled tightly inward when lying on our sides (and wake up feeling short and stiff), we struggle to stand up comfortably while doing dishes or cooking.

And many of us hurt so frequently that we take pain for granted.

The Feldenkrais learning process helps reverse this decline by making us more conscious of our unnecessary habitual muscular efforts. It gives us the self-regulation ability to lengthen and free these muscles. We can then learn to coordinate the pleasant efforts we really need for our present activity, rather than swimming in an unconscious sea of overexertion and biomechanical strain. We can even learn to sit more simply and easily upright, attending to the day’s work with far less strain and pain.

This workshop can be presented many forms, in as little as 90 minutes or as long as 5 hours in a more retreat-like setting.


This four, five, or six-week introductory Feldenkrais Method course is designed especially for people who are experiencing significant pain or movement limitations, or simply want to dive deeper into the theory, practice and benefits of Feldenkrais. Each 90-minute class will include

  • beginner Feldenkrais lessons tailored to the needs of the group (many lessons are in chair-seated positions instead of lying on the floor)
  • discussion about the ideas at work and how to apply them in day-to-day life,
  • specific homework recommendations from the book Relaxercise, an illustrated “Feldenkrais basics” manual, included with tuition ($24 retail price).

Free Your Spine!

If you experience pain in your back, shoulders, neck, or jaw, or just want to keep your back strong and healthy, Free Your Spine! The powerful self-exploration lessons in this workshop teach more efficient ways of moving while reducing chronic pain and tension. Handouts, lecture, and illustrations demonstrate healthy use of the spine, and common pitfalls created by habit and environment (such as couches and car seats). Study resources are emailed to participants after the workshop to aid in follow-up at home.

Through gentle and effective Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement lessons you will:

  • Discover how pains in the back, shoulders, neck, and jaw are linked to each other, and can be reduced together.
  • Learn how to improve your posture with a sense of ease and length instead of willpower.
  • Enhance your balance and mobility by unlocking the natural, dynamic stability of your spine.
  • Learn how to distribute effort more evenly throughout your spine.

This workshop runs 3-4 hours.

Organizing Your Feet for Balance, Posture, and Power

Foot pain or arch trouble? Do you experience aches or stiffness in your feet, knees, hips, or lower back? This workshop will use Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons to explore and enhance the use of your feet and their relationship to the rest of yourself. Using your brain’s extraordinary ability to learn more efficient patterns of movement and action when given the right sensory information, you’ll explore:

  • how a supple, intelligent use of your feet and knees can improve your balance and reduce chronic pain in your feet, legs, and back.
  • how to feel and find the particular use of your feet that most improves your posture.
  • how well-organized feet recruit your legs, back, and breath for powerful athletic movements.

This workshop will include ATM lessons in standing and lying (mostly on your back) positions, and discussion of neuromotor learning and the biomechanics of the foot. After the workshop lessons will be provided to participants by email or downloadable mp3 for those who wish to follow up with learning at home.

This workshop runs 3-4 hours.

Walking with Your Whole Self

This movement study workshop will bring our intelligence and sensitivity to explore and improve one of our most basic human functions: walking. Walking is a boon for all ages—it provides exercise, builds bone, aids digestion, and reduces depression. But often, as we age and accumulate life’s injuries and sedentary habits, we lose touch with the pleasure of walking. This basic human function can begin to seem like a chore.

Through a series of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons (in walking, standing, and lying on the floor situations), we’ll nourish the neurological “roots” of walking—integrating arms, legs, chest, and pelvis so we can walk through life with confidence and pleasure.

By restoring an easy, graceful gait nearer to our potential, perhaps we’ll find a taste of what Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says about walking: we don’t have to walk in outer space or on water to experience a miracle…walking on the green Earth is a miracle.

This workshop runs 4-5 hours and requires both a room for movement lessons and adequate space (preferably out doors) for walking. Students will be provided with follow-up study information by email after the workshop.

Walking with Grace and Ease

This workshop focuses in detail on the mechanics of the hips, feet, and pelvis, featuring different Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement lessons than the Walking with Your Whole Self event. Each student will be guided in a meaningful, practical exploration of the biomechanics of their own gait, while also learning a functional organization of the legs and hips that is more pleasurable, efficient and sustainable over a lifetime.

This event is fully accessible as a stand-alone workshop to newcomers, and is also designed to complement the lessons of Walking with Your Whole Self.

This workshop runs 4-5 hours and requires both a room for movement lessons and adequate space (preferably out doors) for walking. Students will be provided with follow-up study information by email after the workshop.